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About Elena Czarina

My name is Elena. Finding my career, passion for fashion and photography can work all together is a dream come true. It started a few years back while in college, studying towards a degree. I pivoted early on towards optics while working as an admin assistant at an Optical Shop.

Me, Myself and Optics

Inspired by my Boss Lady, the world of optics opened a whole new world for me. Our eyes are not only the windows to our soul but also our primary connection to our environment and how we see the world. This inspired me to take the course and license for Refracting Optician, connecting eyewear and lenses to my own style. While sharing my good finds in eyewear including lenses on my IG (@elenaczarina) I discovered something new about me, enter photography. Photography gave me another platform to express myself.

Everything connected to me. In my blog you’ll find my enthusiasm for great finds in eyewear by independent brands. Brands that truly represent quality, creativity and function. I love showing off different styles in eyewear that match outfits, personalities and uniqueness. Here you also find my love for details – lenses in for glasses as well as for cameras. Photography is another form of self-expression and how I see things from different angles. 

My blog is more than a form of self-expression. It is my way of sharing great finds to the world, beautiful moments captured with a camera; and tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. This is me, Elena Czarina, and my world.

My Curiosity and Hard Work

Because of my fascination with lenses and optics I was able to garner recognition from brands and become Brand Ambassador for Transitions Lenses Canada & USA. I have worked with other top brands such as Mint Smile Bar, OGI Eyewear, Scojo New York Eyewear and many more. 

Optics have opened a whole new world for me. It also gave me the inspiration to express myself fully and see my environment in different perspectives. Welcome to Elena Czarina, I hope to educate and inspire you to find and discover yourself through glasses, lenses and creative expressions.