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Brow Line Glasses You Need

I’m not even exaggerating when I say: I reach for these brow line glasses almost every other day. Now, to a regular person who may have one or two pairs or glasses, that sounds quite obvious right? Of course I’d reach for something I need to be able to function everyday. But what if I told you I own over 30 pair of glasses that are all in my current prescription. So now you see how significant these might be if I’m choosing them over the other 30 something pairs, right?

If you haven’t noticed already, take a peek at the bridge. Normally, the top line or “bar” is not there on it’s own… Traditionally, a pair of glasses would have a brow bar much lower than this one connecting the two halves of the frame together. But that’s why I adore this frame: For its simple appearance at first glance that turns into an outside-the-box design when you take a closer look.

A modern aviator look for someone who wants to stand out without drawing too much attention. This frame comes in two colours: Gold/Blush and Rose Gold/Olive. Although, both colours are incredibly flattering and would suit most skin tones, I would highly suggest trying them on before buying (DUH). Either in store, or using the OGI virtual try on feature, getting a good look of the fit and color on your face before you buy is always a must. Always consult with an Optician or Frame Stylist before getting new glasses, we know what’s best for your eye wear/ lens needs 😉.

The Red Rose “Notte” Frame

styled with a plain white button up shirt and super comfy mom jeans from dynamite <3

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